Tailored Hand Made Shirts Houston

Tailored hand made shirts Houston are made with only the finest fabrics, which sets them apart. When you order a bespoke shirt, you work with a tailor to build a shirt from scratch. One of the decisions made in the process of making tailored hand made shirts from Houston is which type of weave to choose. For the vast majority of tailors, a fine dress shirt will be made of cotton and no other type of fabric. The choice of weave, however, is a matter of style, taste, and what is fitting for a particular occasion or season. Of course, the choice of color and pattern you have when buying tailored hand made shirts from Houston is practically limitless, even if types of weave are limited.


Although oxford cloth is soft and comfortable, it is the coarsest of shirting fabrics. This weave is appropriate for high-quality casual tailored hand made shirts from Houston. Because the oxford weave makes for a heavier fabric, it is generally considered most ideal for wintertime.

When Oxford shirts are colored and patterned, the threads in only one direction are dyed and the others are white. This is what achieves the characteristic appearance of the Oxford weave.

Within the Oxford weave, there are different looks achieved by the types of yarn used. Pinpoint Oxford uses a finer yarn than basic Oxford, and Royal Oxford uses an even finer yarn and offers the most expensive look in Oxford-weave tailored hand made shirts from Houston.


Poplin has a similar weight to Oxford, but there is a smoother texture, which is because there is a fine yarn running in one direction with a thicker yarn interweaving it. Poplin is comfortable and soft and most typically used for casual tailored hand made shirts from Houston. Sporty patterns and colors look great in the poplin weave.


Fabrics with a herringbone weave are very popular for fine suits and outerwear as well as for tailored hand made shirts from Houston. The V-shaped weaving pattern in the herringbone weave is very distinctive and resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. Wool is the type of fabric most commonly used for this weave.


The most common type of formal shirting for daily wear is broadcloth, which has gleaming tightly woven yarn. When alternating colors are used, the appearance is subtle. There is an exquisite precision to the weave of broadcloth, making it an excellent fabric for tailored hand made shirts from Houston.

What type of weave will you choose for your tailored hand made shirts Houston from Festari for Men?