Tailored Made Dress Shirts

Tailored made dress shirts are made for the individual man, according to his size and various preferences, such as color, collar, and cuff. The number one reason to buy tailored made dress shirts is for the fit. A well-fitted shirt will stand out in the crowd, since most men buy ready-to-wear dress shirts. A disadvantage of buying off-the rack is that the dress shirts are made to fit a range of men, usually with a substantial amount of girth, because of the fact that today’s U.S. population is largely obese. The only way to achieve fit is by ordering custom-made clothing, and you will need to make choices about such details as those which follow.


The fabrics used by top-of-the-line tailors such Festari for Men are usually superior to fabrics used in ready-to-wear clothing. At Festari for Men, only the finest fabrics from the world’s top five mills are used. Whatever fabric choice you make, you can count on it being a quality fabric. But what colors will you choose for your tailored made dress shirts?

Colors make certain statements about the man wearing them. Keep this in mind, since wearing a color that you or that your significant other likes may not be the best guide to use. For instance, yellow shirts are not generally considered to be appropriate for business wear. The impression a yellow shirt gives to employers is that the wearer is on the immature side and perhaps not promotion-ready. For after hours, yellow is fine, however.

The color wheel is a very helpful tool that can guide you in making the right color choices for you tailored made dress shirts. Information about the color wheel is widely available online.


The type of collar that will be on your tailored made dress shirts is up to you, and the occasion you are going to wear them for should influence your choice. A button-down collar, for instance, can look very nice with a tie, but it is considered a casual style of shirt. One reason button-down collars aren’t suitable for a polished look is the buckling at the neck that is commonly created by the style. Most ready-to-wear collars are straight-point collars. The style is suitable for all occasions but do the least to distinguish a man. Other collars to choose from include the rounded collar, English spread collar, and tab collar.


The details on cuffs can be distinguished on tailored made dress shirts because of their quality and precision. Quality shirts have cuffs with interlining. The styles you can choose from include the: French cuff, mitered cuff, rounded cuff, and two-button scalloped cuff.

If you have any doubts, you can ask the tailor of your tailored made dress shirts for advice on choosing the most suitable colors, collars, and cuffs for your needs.