Tailored Men’s Shirts Houston

Tailored men’s shirts Houston are stand-outs, since the majority of the population wears off-the-rack clothing. Fit is perhaps the number one reason you will get noticed in a bespoke shirt. Style that suits you because it is made just for you is another reason men highly value their made-from scratch garments. The third reason to buy tailored men’s shirts from Houston is in order to enjoy high quality fabrics. Festari for Men offers fabrics from the world’s top five mills, which means that you can’t go wrong with any of the fabrics you might choose. You can order online or visit the Galleria area store to enjoy tailoring with great attention to detail and style.  One of the types of fabrics you might choose is cotton.

Quality Cotton Fabric

Many experts suggest that cotton is the right material to choose for all fine men’s dress shirts, though there are many other fabrics available. Of course, cotton is a natural fiber; all natural fabrics outshine synthetic materials.  A shirt appears to be dressier, the finer the cotton. The following are tips to help you determine whether a particular cotton material is high in quality and ideal for your tailored men’s shirts from Houston:

  • The fabric should feel soft to the touch and fine
  • Colors are bright and defined
  • The finest cottons should feel like silk

The following are some behind-the-scene particulars:

Yarn numbers affect the smoothness of the cloth in tailored men’s shirts from Houston. Less expensive cotton yarn numbers range from 30s to 80s. The yarn numbers refer to the thickness of the yarn. Yarn is finer, the higher the yarn number. Finer shirts have yarn numbers ranging from 100s to 160s or higher.

Long staple 170s are generally made on high-speed looms. Long staple 140s are loomed more slowly, which neither stretches nor breaks the fibers, making for better quality tailored men’s shirts from Houston.

Two-Ply Cotton

All quality shirt fabrics are two-ply, as opposed to less durable one-ply. Two-ply cotton has greater thickness and density, which adds lushness to the fabric; and it is made with two lengths of yarn intertwined. The look of two-ply cotton is far superior to one-ply.

Tailored men’s shirts from Houston made from 140s or 160s two-ply cotton are arguably the most luxurious. The fabric is woven tightly, increasing thread count per inch. The pattern and color holds extremely well in the silky smooth fabric.

Order your tailored men’s shirts Houston from Festari for Men for the highest quality cotton fabrics available.