Tailored Mens Dress Shirts

Tailored mens dress shirts usually look classy with or without a tie. If you do wear a tie, however, it’s important that the tie doesn’t detract in any way from your ensemble, since it is a centerpiece. The following is information about common ways to tie your necktie and how to avoid fashion mistakes with your necktie.

Four-in-Hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is the best way to wear a tie with a button-down dress shirt, including tailored mens dress shirts. This technique can create a narrow, slightly asymmetrical, discreet tie knot on your necktie. It is best if a heavy fabric is used to make the necktie for this type of knot. The four-in-hand knot looks especially complementary on men with shorter-than-normal necks, since the elongated, narrow form of the necktie gives the neck greater perceived height. Step-by-step directions are readily available on the Internet. Men can typically master the four-in-hand knot, with practice.

Bow Tie Knot

If you are going to a black tie occasion, such as a wedding, you will usually wear a tuxedo with a bow tie. This type of tie lends a formal, elegant appearance to your ensemble. The correct size of the bow tie will not be broader than the widest part of your neck and will never extend beyond the tips of the collar of your tailored mens dress shirts.

Shirt-Tie Fashion Statements

Mixing up shirt-tie combinations is a great way to showcase your talent for being a sharp dresser, but proceed with care. It is not difficult to make a fashion mistake by choosing the wrong ties to wear with your tailored mens dress shirts. The following are a few tips to help you avoid making a fashion faux pas with your necktie:

  • Use the color wheel as a guide, and stick with the various acceptable formulas, as you choose the tie to go with your tailored mens dress shirts.
  • Do not buy ties that look cheap or tasteless. Choose a tie that is about the same width of the lapel of your suit. As a general rule, it may be best to stay away from ties that are too smooth or too shiny.
  • It is okay to wear a patterned tie with a patterned shirt, as long as they complement one another with both color and pattern. If you don’t have a good eye for such things, accept the help of the tailor who makes your tailored mens dress shirts.