October 16, 2019

Cashmere & Vicuna by Loro Piana

A closer look into the noble journey of Loro Piana’s Vicuna & baby Cashmere collections.

As a patron of the finest fabrics worldwide, Festari For Men appreciates the excellent discipline and dedication that cloth makers undertake to craft these textiles. The masterful work of Loro Piana is an exceptional testament to this passion. For over 20 years, Festari for Men has proudly represented the excellent fabric collections of Loro Piana. From their Lana merino wool to pure cashmere and silk, exceptional quality is a standard that they uphold in every thread.

By blending the farthest reaches of technology and tradition, Loro Piana is able to explore the frontier of fabric making and what is truly possible. In particular, their cultivation of Vicuna and Cashmere have attracted critical acclaim. From long treks and expeditions to the mountainous regions of Peru to the ancient lands of Afghanistan and China, Loro Piana goes beyond the mundane. Seeking out the inaccessible and remote, they find delicate wonders hidden to the modern world.




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In 1976, officials in Washington D.C. came to a consensus over a rare, endangered breed of Camel. This species, indigenous to the Peruvian foothills of the Andes Mountain range, is known as Vicuna. Historically, the people of the Andes have praised the Vicuna, claiming they are gifts of the gods. When it comes to fabric, they’re not far from the truth. As it turns out, Vicuna has an incredibly rich coat. In fact, it is the most prestigious of fibers in the world. Built to withstand the harrowing mountainous winters and vicious South American summers, Vicuna is incomparably durable and yet soft and workable. The superb quality of the Vicuna’s down makes it one of the world’s most exclusive materials.

Typically, a single fiber of the Vicuna will range from 12 to 13 microns in diameter, which is incredibly fine even for the most luxurious of thread. Furthermore, given the climate, the fibers also have very unique heat-regulating properties that make it ideal to wear at all times of the year. Due to these precious qualities, Loro Piana has endeavored to protect and sustain these beautiful creatures. After making special agreements with the Peruvian government in 1994, Loro Piana has helped repopulate the Vicuna in order to bring them back to the world market. Since then, the population of the Vicuna has surged to unprecedented levels. There are now currently 160,000 with 100,000 still living wild in the native highlands of Peru.

Baby Cashmere 

Capra hircus goat kid.

There is little need for an introduction when it comes to Cashmere. For hundreds of years, this fabric has been sought after by the most prominent figures around the world. Its extraordinary properties make one of the softest fibers found in nature. When matched with the incredible craftsmanship and discipline required to weave this material, baby cashmere is recognized as one finest fabric available to man. In order to cultivate the most exquisite cashmere, Loro Piana must travel to their natural homes where they meet with shepherds and herders to find the purest breeds. They make this incredible undertaking every season to procure the world’s rarest cashmere.

The fleece originates from a very specific breed of goat indigenous to the mountain regions of Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Northern China. The species, known as the Hycrus Goat, developed an incredibly durable fleece to withstand the harsh climate and hostile environment common to this area. Their fleece is made up of two layers, the first coat is an upper-fleece that is coarse and very thick. It is meant to protect the goat from the intense winter conditions. However, it is the under-fleece, just beneath the first coat which is truly the crown jewel. This second fleece is called the Duvet and contains the incredibly fine fibers that are used to create Cashmere. Since they are protected from the elements, they grow undisturbed and are therefore softer and far richer.

While this material is exceptionally soft, the finest Cashmere is actually not found in a full-grown Hyrcus goat but rather in the coat of the lamb. In order to acquire these particular fibers, it takes a very meticulous combing process to extract the duvet from the lambs. Loro Piana oversees every aspect of this operation and ensures that each lamb is safe and unharmed throughout the endeavor. This is a mark of true passion as each lamb will only yield around 80 grams of Duvet per coat, making it incredibly rare. That exclusivity adds to the intrinsic value of every yard, making it a true delicacy fit for a king.



Vicuna & Baby Cashmere

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