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Festari for Men stocks top of the line fashion and accessories in the Houston area. Every ready-to-wear item in our store is made from the finest materials available. They are refreshed every season to stay up to date with the latest styles and fabrics. Rest assured that you will receive the best quality formal wear and personalized service from Houston’s master craftsman in men’s designer apparel.



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We stock over 500 custom suits ranging from sizes 36 short to 52 long, even for ready-to-wear our fabric is of excellent quality and the suits are made from some of the finest fashion houses in the world. 


Sport Coats 

Our collection of sport coats feature excellent styles and patterns from modern windowpanes to traditional weaves such as houndstooth. With vibrant colors and fine fabrics like cashmere, silk & wool, and bamboo, find the perfect sports coat to go with your outfit. 





With hundreds of slacks available, you will find a diverse range of styles and unique materials to choose from. Explore our exceptional bi-stretch Attivo and Sartore lines. 


Dress Shirts 

Choose from our hand-selected formal and casual shirts imported from Italy. 


Sweaters, Jeans, & Leather Wear 

We have curated a beautiful selection of cotton, wool, and cashmere sweaters, as well as jeans, leather jackets and even turtlenecks that showcase the best of luxury and comfort. 





Select from our collection of American and Italian designer shoes. To see our full range of offerings visit here


We offer an incredible selection of belts, ties, socks, and other accessories. These belts can be modified to fit your waist, however, if there is a certain material that you may be interested in that is not available in stock, we can custom make belts as well. 


While the average size ranges are the basic outline for our sizing, we are happy to make alterations to the suits, sport coats, pants and other garments that may require adjustments to get a better fit. This way, even if it is off-the-rack, we can still alter the piece to fit with precise measurements. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific style or garment!



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