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For every occasion, there is a chance to express creativity and enjoy the best of luxury. When it comes to trousers, you can find the opportunity for personal style in every detail. From the measure of the length to the type of pockets and buttons you decide.


We believe that you should be comfortable and in control of every aspect of your wardrobe. Custom slacks can be an elegant touch to a casual outfit or the perfect accent to a sports coat or dinner jacket.




Festari For Men makes this impeccable style and customization a standard in every garment we design. When it comes to bespoke, you will find no better.


Every aspect is made to measure, from the seat of the trousers to the length and tapering. We will adjust every detail to fit the contours of your body and our extensive styling options allow for complete freedom in how the slacks should fall on your legs.





Furthermore, the immense collection of fabrics that we have available will also ensure that you find exactly what your looking for or perhaps something new that catches your eye.


Design for wear in a unique climate, to match another ensemble, or to simply have an outstanding pair of slacks. We will work with you on every step and carefully fit the garments to ensure longlasting results.


Festari For Men will accommodate any of your custom needs for trousers with excellence and mastery.




Contact our storefront to learn more about the available fabrics and styles for trousers. We offer thousands of fabrics for selection from many of the finest textile mills around the world. Festari For Men is your premier location for one of the most personal bespoke services in Houston. 





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