Scabal: The Architects of Cloth Scabal: The Architects of Cloth






Tailoring Architecture

Fabrics inspired by magnificent buildings from all over the world. 


Inspiration from across the Globe

Constructing a building has many similarities to making a suit fabric. It must be unique, robust, and yet not too outgoing so that it is not impractical for a full suit. Furthermore, the wearer must feel secure from the elements, flexible for performance and movement, and finally, above all, it must be comfortable in style and hand. This is a crossroad where Scabal has found immense abundance. The styles of buildings from all over the world entranced their designers.

From the sleek blend of metals and organic textures to rich colors and unique patterns, there is much to appreciate. With unique motifs and inspiration coming from every corner of the globe,  Scabal was compelled to capture the same essence and beauty carried by each of these timeless structures with their timeless fabrics. 

This is Panorama by Scabal and you can find all the fabrics curated in this blog at Festari for Men. If at any point you would like to look into making suits from these fabrics scroll to the bottom to make an appointment or click the appointments tab on our menu above!




The Composition

When making the Panorama collection, the material was carefully selected for the finest softness and luster. Ultimately, Scabal paired a super 120s wool with cashmere making for a supremely soft but durable suiting fabric. This material is perfect for any indoor or evening occasion in the summer and with an opportune climate being low to mid temperatures this is an ideal fabric for the fall, winter, and spring. 


The Red Building  


The dramatic colour of this building is diffult to ignore, but it was the unusual positioning and inconsistent size of the windows that were the focus for the fabric design.



The pattern uses clever coloration to recreate the irregular window positions an the coverall color has been toned down to a more wearable, soft rust. There is also a mid blue woven on top of the rust so elements of it show through across the face of the fabric. This adds the extra dimensionality that we find in the variance of the color and size of the windows.

Museum Aan de Stroom 


Rather than the more obvious regular windows, the design team focussed on the patterns created by the staggered brick placement, both for the woven design and the colors of the fabric.


The light and dark of the brickwork have been replicated through a textured shadow weave and directional lines as shown by the twill. The fabric as an overtone in a sand color which pays homage to the building when cast in a winter morning light.

The Louvre


With such grandeur and magnificence hidden underneath, the Louvre is a truly captivating building. The glass pyramid was a central aspect of our design and we sought to blend the complex sophistication of the Parisian style with the exuberant wealth and knowledge within.


The golden hues of the Louvre pyramid illuminated at night was the starting point for this fabric design. Warm gold and soft blue yarns have been woven into an intricate pattern recreating the shapes and changing colours of the glass within the pyramid itself.

Merdeka 118


Mirroring the irregular shapes of the window panes in this iconic skyscraper the designers have created a diagonal pattern that flows upwards across the fabric.


The tonal blue color echoes the clear Malaysian sky which is reflected onto the mirrored glass of the Merdeka Building. The tonal pattern blends with the blues to show the harmony of human architecture and the natural beauty of the planet.

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