The Modern Silk

For centuries, the properties found in bamboo have been used in different industries all across the globe. However, it has only recently become widespread for bespoke suits and jackets, being dubbed as the “modern silk” not just for its tremendous softness but shocking resilience; the fibers of bamboo are stronger than steel!



Though it has been in the textile industry for centuries, it wasn’t until 1881 that the first patent for a bamboo suiting fabric was introduced. Previously it had been used more frequently in hats, shoes and more sturdier garments such as Victorian corsets and bustles.

However, new technology has allowed for higher precision in weaving fabrics and so many plant based materials such as linen and bamboo reached unprecedented levels of quality. Today, fabrics made from bamboo are as soft as cashmere and silk. However, bamboo has one distinct difference: durability. The strength of the fiber matched with the exceptional softness makes for a truly desirable cloth that encapsulates all of the finest qualities in luxury fabric.




The process of making bamboo is simple yet expensive. Cultivation of the plant demands careful cleaning and harvesting so that the shoots remain in tact. Then, through a steaming process they extract the inner pith and leaves. Making the yarn requires that the long shoots of bamboo be mechanically pulverized into the pulp. The pulp is rich in enzymes and helps break down the cell wall of the fibers until it becomes workable and spun into yarn.




Bamboo is quickly becoming the most popular cloth for luxury jackets around the world. The fabric is wearable year-round and exhibits a host of remarkable qualities. From moisture absorption and antibacterial properties to it’s excellent tailorability, luxurious draping and silky lustre — this is truly a world class fabric fit for the finest bespoke garments.






100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, sweat absorbent, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This is luxury.



For the finest quality bamboo fabrics we recommend our Gladson collections that offer exceptional hand-woven fabrics all authentically made in Italy. The exceptional colors are vibrant and provocative without overwhelming the eye. When paired with a sharp dress shirt and slacks it is the perfect outfit for lunch on a summer afternoon or a dinner with friends on a cool autumn evening.

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