“Bespoke suit Houston” is a local search that has been trending increasingly in recent years. Ready-to-wear clothing has been the choice of the vast majority of the population for about a century, and made-to-measure garments are the second most common type of clothing. Bespoke suits Houston are more and more in demand, however, as men realize the difference between a completely customized and tailored suit with an absolute perfect fit as compared to a suit tailored from a ready-made garment. “Bespoke” is an adjective, and it signifies that something is commissioned and has entirely unique specifications.

No Patterns Used

Whereas all other types of tailored clothing start off with a pattern or garment which is then fit to an individual, no patterns are used as the creation point for a bespoke suit. The garment starts on a fabric roll and is made entirely from scratch based on the customer’s measurements and the design. The choice of fabric is virtually limitless, with custom dying among the options.

Measurements for a Bespoke Suit Houston  

All tailoring requires measurements, but with Houston bespoke suits, the creation of a garment begins with making many measurements, in order to create a one-of-a-kind fit. Fabric tape measures are used, and up to 24 measurements are taken for fully custom-made suits, whereas made-to-measure tailors, also known as personal tailors, may use as few as five measurements with a maximum total that is well below the number for bespoke suits.

Based on the measurement guidelines below, more or less, a bespoke suit Houston is first created as a half suit, after which there is a second fitting to be followed by at least one final fitting. To take measurements properly, the tape is held flat against the body, should not be so tight that it is restrictive, and yet should be snug enough that it does not droop. The measurements are taken for a Houston bespoke suit to the nearest quarter of an inch. Just a few of the steps for measuring for a bespoke suit follow, though there will be another ten or more:

  • The neck measurement is taken where a buttoned collar would be, which is the lower part of the neck between the Sternal Notch and the Adam’s apple.
  • Chest measurements are usually made under the armpits and shoulder blades, directly across the nipples. You should take normal breaths during the measurement, and the chest should not be puffed out.
  • The full shoulder width measurement should span the distance from the end of the right shoulder to the end of the left shoulder.
  • Sleeve measurements are made from the end of the shoulder to the “pinch” of the hand. The pinch of the hand is located where the base of the thumb intersects with the base of the index finger.
  • The fullest part of the biceps is measured on each arm.
  • Wrists are measured at the fullest part on one side.
  • The fullest part of the stomach or waist is measured, below the ribs and wherever the measurement is greater.
  • The fullest part of the hips and buttocks are measured.

Every step of building a bespoke suit Houston results in the best fit possible, which is a noticeable difference as compared to the fit of any other type of garment.