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Bespoke means the individual pattern in men’s clothing. What if you have the option of designing your own personal look? You can have the choices from fabrics down to the buttons. You sit down with Festari For Men and design with the owner, Rudy Festari consequently, you receive that one-on-one service. Moreover, there are not many owners that put in the retail hours that Rudy Festari does. Because of this, the customer gets the privilege of picking out the style of a Bespoke Suit Houston as a result, you will get such a rush when your suit expresses your personality.

Extensive Shoe Line at Festari for Men

Allen Edmonds features a timeless collection of stylish upscale footwear for the business executive.  Spoil yourself with a shoe line that is A true American Original™.

Bruno Magli® since 1938 has one of the world’s finest lines of Italian designer men’s shoes. The brand has a tradition of artisan craftsmanship that exemplifies style and quality.

Zelli® combines Italian craftsmanship with the styling of an American touch. When you invest in Zelli footwear, consequently, you value exceptional quality.

Wolf & Shepherd® a line by former Notre Dame decathlete Justin Schneider. This line is a solid combination of Italian leather with the technology that is often found in athletic shoes to produce a luxurious line of comfort. Click here to begin your tour of a stunning collection of quality designer footwear.

Luxury Fabrics Houston

Custom Suits in Houston

Ariston Collection by Fenstari for Men

Festari for Men is at the top when it comes to selling Ariston suits. Ariston has the world’s finest collections of wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton, and linen. For four generations this company holds a deep passion for fabrics and Ariston leads by example in innovation, quality, and tradition.

Coppley Custom Men’s suite at Festari for Men

The highest quality Coppley custom men’s suits and dress shirts are found at Festari for Men. Contemporary design teams up with exclusive luxury for a Canadian style to bring a Bespoke Suit Houston to you.

Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna Line at Festari

A luxurious line of the Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna suits and coats is available thanks to Festari for Men. This line features a combination of two natural fibers, which carry Trofeo 600 softness and brightness. The Australian Superfine wool and silk are from the best market. The pure wool fabric of Trofeo is more precious using extremely fine silk, therefore, this adds a touch of elegance.

Holland & Sherry at Festari for Men

Generations of craftsmen have woven cloths for Holland & Sherry which is a testimony to the quality and good taste. A luxury Bespoke Suit Houston in Holland & Sherry cloth is an investment in who you are. When you look exquisite, you feel even more exquisite.

Lora Piana at Festari for Men

Did you know a fine bale of wool can produce just enough fabric for 50 suits? Loro Piana paid a record 48,000 cents per kilo for 12.5 microns (a bale of wool). This wool, found in Uralla, New South Wales consequently, Festari offers and dress shirts from Loro Piana for customers throughout Houston.

Scabal A Passion for Cloth at Festari for Men

Only the noblest materials carry the Scabal name. There is a specialist at every stage of our production process for clothing and fabrics. With this intense supervision, Scabal consistently produces a high level of Bespoke Suit Houston, from the sheep to the shop. Scabal is in full control of every aspect of production.

The Absence of Patterns

There is the absence of patterns for a Bespoke Suit Houston. The garment starts on a fabric roll and is the design is entirely from scratch. The choice of fabric is virtually limitless, with custom dying among the options.

Measurement Guidelines

The measurement guidelines below will show that a Bespoke suit Houston is initially made as a half suit. Consequently, once you have gone to three fittings then your design will be put in motion. To take measurements the tape is held tight against the body, more importantly, these numbers are to the nearest quarter of an inch. Here are a few steps for custom-fit measurements.


  • The neck measurement is taken where a buttoned collar would be, right below the Sternal Notch.
  • Chest measurements are first, made under the armpits. Second, the tape will go across your shoulder blades. Finally, the measurement is taken across the front of the chest. During this process, you should breathe normally as to not puff the chest out.
  • Shoulder width measurement is vital for a suit that is personal to your liking. The width number should reflect the distance from the end of the right shoulder to the end of the left shoulder.
  • Sleeve measurements are made from the end of the shoulder blade to the pinch of the hand. What is the pinch of the hand? You will find it where the base of the thumb intersects with the base of the index finger.
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Festari for Men Highlights Who You Are

With (3) expert tailors for your Bespoke Suit Houston, made-to-wear shirts, and formal clothing, this will define who you are where ever you go.  Festari for Men will measure you with our bespoke tailoring services. We focus on the desire and the tastes of our clients by offering the most luxurious selection of fabrics from all over the world.  Come by our store in the heart of the Galleria at 1800 Post Oak Suite 6160 Houston, Texas 77056. We are on the southbound side of Post Oak between San Felipe and Westheimer. Our store hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with an appointment-only availability on Sundays. Click here to begin your tour of Festari for Men and to schedule your appointment.

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