Bespoke tailor Houston is sought after by many discerning men who desire truly original and made-to-fit clothing. The purpose of seeking a bespoke tailor instead of buying off-the-rack or made-to-measure (MTM) is to have clothing with the perfect fit. Ultimately, the price tag for hiring a bespoke tailor tells the story of how much work goes into a single suit.

Differences Between MTM and Bespoke Tailoring

The difference between made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring is often confused. Sometimes the reason for the confusion is that there are mixed messages which wrongly blur the lines between the two. The following are some clear distinctions between a bespoke tailor in Houston and an MTM tailor:

Difference #1

Bespoke tailoring involves crafting a garment entirely from scratch using the customer’s measurements and style preferences as guides. The work is done by a Houston bespoke tailor without the convenience or benefit of a template.

With MTM tailoring, standardized patterns are modified to each customer’s unique body shape. There are various thresholds regarding when and where to adjust original patterns, and the number of measurements taken provide a measure for how tailor-made the ultimate fit will be. For example, some MTM tailors skip taking arm measurements, which is an important factor in the ultimate fit of a jacket.

Difference #2

The fabric selection for clothing made by a bespoke tailor in Houston has a very wide range, including the option of creating a unique dye lot of fabric. They can choose fabric that is of the highest quality which perfectly suits the customer’s preferences. Another way to put it is that a bespoke tailor usually shops from ten or more mills.

MTM tailors usually shop from one or two mills, which offer a certain quality and price point range.

Difference #3

The customization, design, and complexity options are limitless when you hire a Houston bespoke tailor.

MTM tailors offer a certain array of options, such as pocket style, lapel width, paint pleats, button-stance, and interior lining. Any features of a garment that fall into a category of being rare or unique are not on the efficient checklist of options offered for made-to-measure clothing.

Difference #4

Bespoke tailoring involves multiples fittings scheduled at different stages of garment creation. The standard approach for a bespoke tailor Houston is to first do a skeleton baste fitting and then, as the garment progresses, a “forward fitting” and later a “fin bar fin” fitting or finish bar finish fitting. Some bespoke tailors have been known to do upwards of five fittings, no doubt with the goal of achieving an even more precise fit.

The creation process of MTM garments does not generally require a fitting. There is usually an initial fitting in which measurements are taken and a design is drafted. Typically, there is only one more fitting, the final fitting, in which it may be determined that alterations to the final garment need to be made.

The final difference between MTM garments and garments made by bespoke tailors is cost. MTM tailors aim at providing cost efficiency. Bespoke tailoring, on the other hand, provides suits that are the pinnacle of fit and style. The amount of time that goes into a suit that is made entirely from scratch is said to be approximately 70 hours, which is why there can be a heavy price on a suit made by a bespoke tailor in Houston.