The mission and philosophy of Lanificio F.lli Cerruti is to create and innovate continuously, as modern alchemists extolling the sublime beauty of the noblest raw materials.Combining ancient knowledge and modern technology to produce high-end fabrics, where the research marry the tradition in a perfect mix. Creativity is the basis for all qualitative development, to shape the style and to create trendy fabrics, full of personality and charm.




Caravelle is a new line of fabrics which the F.lli Cerruti 1881 wool mill would like to propose to those who love haute couture with a touch of modern comfort. Fabrics created from the best wools bought at auction in Victoria, Australia. A unique raw material which, in its delightful Batavia weave, confers natural stretch and fluid drape. 


The Lanificio Cerruti has interpreted the exclusiveness of Cashmere with a range of melange colours, contemporary and traditional nuances for a unique and luxury proposal. Only the best raw materials are used, like the white cashmere from Inner Mongolia, for exclusive creations that are not affected by the time.


Nobility Classic is the range of fancy fabrics designed by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881 with special AAAAA Super 150’s wool. A raw material as fine as cashmere, if not even finer. The letter A; an old method of fibre qualification, refers to the length, luminosity and colour of the fibre.

The sheep in the state of Queesland in Australia that produce the category AAAAA wool wear a cape for their whole lives to protect their precious mantle from the aggressions of sun and rain. The result is a precious and rare material that is used to create soft fabrics with a special sheen and with a full handle.


Born in the creative laboratories of Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Oxygen is a collection developed exclusively for the world of jackets. Our proposal is unique due to the color range as well as designs. The combed yarns allow the creation of fabrics perfectly adapted not only for tailored jackets but for unlined coats as well; more innovative and unusual.