Residing on the prominent corner of England’s Saville Row, Holland & Sherry have garnered the highest respects and recognition as one of the best mills in the world. Since 1836, they have constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibers. Holland & Sherry challenge the traditional standards of luxury when it comes to the quality of their fabric. Sourcing the finest natural fibers ranging from super 200’s wools woven with fine cashmere to the rarest of fabrics like Vicuña. Holland & Sherry cloths are woven with passion, patience, and class, honoring the generations of craftsmen that worked to assure such exquisite quality and good taste.


Festari For Men clients are able to use Holland & Sherry cloth to make custom suits and other garments here at our storefront in Houston. Feel free to browse their most recent winter collections below to learn more about Holland & Sherry!