Holland & Sherry is one of the most prestigious names in the industry of textiles. They command a powerful influence in almost every part of the world. The company was established by George Holland and Frederick Sherry in 1836. Since their founding, they have become iconic for the tremendous quality and attention to detail found in their fabrics. 

They continuously renew their fabric ranges with new and creative blends or unique fabrics that are otherwise unattainable. Furthermore, they maintain the same technique and craftsmanship that was used at the outset of their enterprise. A natural and handmade process that ensures a truly captivating experience filled with history and lore.



Fabric Bunches by Holland & Sherry 

Renowned for their excellent quality fabrics and unique patterns and fits, Holland & Sherry remain one of the world’s most beloved Textile mills. For over 180 years they have provided an exquisite product, one that Festari for Men are proud to represent!