Since the year 2000, Loro Piana has awarded a prize for the world’s finest bale of wool, which produces just enough fabric for 50 suits. The cup is awarded to an Australian or New Zealand woolgrower who produces the year’s finest bale. In 2008, Loro Piana paid a record 48,000 cents per kilo for a bale 12.5 micron Merino wool produced by Peter and Greg Munsie and Phil and Judy Fittler of Uralla, New South Wales.


We are proud to offer the various fabrics from Loro Piana for custom men’s suits and dress shirts. You can find all of the following fabrics at Festari For Men.




One of the rarest and finest quality fibers originates from the Peruvian camel known as Vicuna. They are found in the Andes mountain where they are raised and cultivated by Loro Piana to preserve their species and showcase one of the most excellent fabrics that the world can offer. 


The Gift of Kings 

Gathered from the masterful breeders of Australia and New Zealand, the Merino wool from Loro Piana is known as the Gift of Kings for its supreme softness, rich coloring, and durability that has been cherished by the modern man and royalty alike. 




With a prestigious history of careful breeding, Loro Piana travels to the highlands of Mongolia and northern China to seek out the rare breed of goat known as the Capra Hircus, whose fleece carries the immaculate cashmere fibers. With delicate attention to detail and expert practices, Loro Piana has gathered some of the finest stock of Cashmere for the world to appreciate. 



Baby Cashmere

One of the most exceptional discoveries to mark the 20th century was the introduction of baby cashmere on the markets. After years of study and perfection of the craft, Loro Piana has cultivated a truly excellent weave made from the cashmere of the baby Capra Hircus goat, yielding some of the softest and finest thread found throughout the world. 



Pecora Nera 

As the sole producer of Pecora Nera, also known as the black sheep, Loro Piana represents a truly rarified patron of fine fabrics. Their collection of Pecora Nera showcases unique and exquisite weaves only possible through the pure passion and dedication found at Loro Piana.