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Custom dress Shirts

Custom dress shirts from Festari for Men are best paired with a handsome bespoke suit. It is good, however, to begin your perfectly fitted wardrobe with custom dress shirts and build from there. Each aspect of your custom garment is as original as you are, when you work with the skilled tailors at Festari, located in the Galleria area in Houston. The small nuances of your shirt create an overall look that will be designed especially to fit both your physique and your personality.

Shirt Collar

There are many types of collars you can choose for your custom dress shirts. As with all aspects of your shirt, you can choose a collar that best complements you.


Another unique aspect of custom dress shirts which Festari’s customers choose for themselves or rely upon tailors to decide is the weave of the fabric used to make the shirts. There are many to choose from, including:

Contact Festari for Men to learn about other types of weave and other details you can choose for your custom dress shirts.


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