Custom dress Shirts

Custom dress shirts from Festari for Men are best paired with a handsome bespoke suit. It is good, however, to begin your perfectly fitted wardrobe with custom dress shirts and build from there. Each aspect of your custom garment is as original as you are, when you work with the skilled tailors at Festari, located in the Galleria area in Houston. The small nuances of your shirt create an overall look that will be designed especially to fit both your physique and your personality.

Shirt Collar

There are many types of collars you can choose for your custom dress shirts. As with all aspects of your shirt, you can choose a collar that best complements you.

  • Traditional point collars are ideal for men with either a shorter-than-average neck or with a round face. The collar’s downward slant creates length and achieves balance to your look. The vast majority of ready-to-wear dress shirts have point collars. This does not mean the collar type is a compromise of good taste.
  • A spread collar will reveal the upper shirt area of custom dress shirts more than other collars. These collars are cut away from center, and the angles are typically greater than 90 degrees. This type of collar is best on men with medium or long faces, because it complements their facial features.
  • Semi-spread collars are frequently chosen for custom dress shirts for special occasions, such as weddings. The collar blade is wider, with this cut. These collars look especially good with a suit and tie.
  • Button-down collars look good with ties, but the style is generally not considered appropriate for formal occasions. The height and angle of button-down collars are matters of style and preference.


Another unique aspect of custom dress shirts which Festari’s customers choose for themselves or rely upon tailors to decide is the weave of the fabric used to make the shirts. There are many to choose from, including:

  • Broadcloth is considered the most formal type of shirting weave. The tightly woven yarns gleam. The appearance is subtle when alternating colors are used to create the cloth. The precision of this weave is exquisite, making it a superb choice of weave for custom dress shirts.
  • The oxford weave is comfortable and soft, although it is the coarsest type of shirting fabric. Ideal for winter months, the oxford weave is a heavier fabric than others. The characteristic look of the weave is that the threads in only one direction are died while the others are white.

Contact Festari for Men to learn about other types of weave and other details you can choose for your custom dress shirts.