Est. 1836






Origin of the Brand

Holland & Sherry is one of the most prestigious names in the industry of textiles. They command a powerful influence in almost every part of the world. Since their founding, they have become iconic for the tremendous quality and attention to detail found in their fabrics. The company was established by George Holland and Frederick Sherry in 1836. The two men were primarily woolen merchants at the time. Their office was located in London on 10 Old Bond Street where they began producing fine quality wools and silks.

As the company matured they continued to ascend the ranks of quality. By 1886, Holland & Sherry moved to the historic Golden Square in Soho, the City of Westminster, London. It’s interesting to note that of all of the cloth makers that were featured in Golden Square, Holland & Sherry is the only mill that still remains.

This was a tremendous move for Holland & Sherry, as it marked the evolution of the company and branded their name as one of the superior textile mills in England. During this period of time, the world was undergoing unprecedented levels of growth in the textile industry as woolen garments were becoming highly sought after. To accommodate this demand, Holland & Sherry began to export their garments overseas to many countries whose appetite for luxury wools and silks were just beginning to burgeon. By the early 1900s, they had opened their second sales office in New York, which would go on to be the first of many throughout the world.




Moving to Saville Row 

By 1982, Holland & Sherry had garnered a huge following and were well-known for exquisite fabrics. Their caliber of work was rapidly becoming a standard for excellence and it became time to once again find a new headquarters to represent their prestigious name.

As a result, they moved to the infamous Saville Row, home to the biggest and best names in high-end tailoring and textiles. Many of the names featured on this street have been specialists within the industry for more than 150 years and provide suiting for many of the most renowned names in the world, whether it be fame or royalty.

A Signature of True Quality

One of the main reasons that Holland & Sherry have maintained their presence in the textile industry is because of their dedication to innovation and respect for tradition. Whether it be a range of super 240s merino wool or their super rare cloths made of Vicuna.

They continuously renew their fabric ranges with new and creative blends or unique fabrics that are otherwise unattainable. Furthermore, they maintain the same technique and craftsmanship that was used at the outset of their enterprise. A natural and handmade process that ensures a truly captivating experience filled with history and lore.

From Sheep to Shop

There are hundreds of unique species of sheep, however only a handful of species can produce the wool fine enough for the Holland & Sherry name. In fact, certain breeds have been a part of the Holland & Sherry harvest since the start of the company. They incorporate many rare and unique breeds of sheep, goats and camels as well. The Merino sheep for example, which is a highly sought after species because of the tremendous quality of wool it provides, is a staple for Holland & Sherry.

Additionally, the ultra fine fibers found on the coat of the Capra hircus Goat, commonly called “cashmere”, is also featured by the illustrious English mill. They are even well known for their cultivation of Vicuna, which is an extremely rare (previously endangered) breed of Peruvian camel known for their incredibly soft fleece that is both exquisite and durable.

One of the fascinating features of the mill is that all of the harvesting, breeding and weaving of the fibers is done under supervision of the Holland & Sherry house which ensures that every fiber is up to par with the high caliber expected of them.

In order to maintain the natural and artisan techniques used to herd the sheep, they incorporate unique systems of grazing that minimize stress and the use of harsh chemicals, scientifically engineered for precision without taking the animals from their natural homes.

To keep these traditions alive, Holland & Sherry travel all over the world, to the original habitats of the goats and camels. This takes them to the remote highlands in Scotland, the Patagonian mountain ranges of South America, the valleys of Turkey, and even the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Art of Patterns

After they have procured the fibers, the weaving process begins. It is for the rich and vibrant palettes of colors and dying processes used by Holland & Sherry which have propelled them to the pinnacle of the industry. Their use of tone-on-tone plaids and bold checks that sport bright contrasting colors mark the forefront of contemporary style. While they are renowned for the high quality of their fabrics, the patterns that they weave demonstrate another level of expertise within the craft.


The Science Behind the Art

Each of the ranges featured by Holland & Sherry showcase a unique method of cultivation or production. Certain ranges in their collection such as ‘Dragonfly Ghostwick‘ are highlighted for the method of pasturing that is used with the sheep. They implement a state-of-the-art three day grazing period which both reduces the stress in the sheep and ensures proper nutrient intake. This has proven to increase the fineness and durability in the fabrics.

Other aspects of their fabrics can include new techniques in weaving such as those found in their range titled ‘Bouclana‘ which highlights the delicate looping of thread that allows certain threads to lay on top of the fabric, giving it a subtle raised texture.  Other innovations include plain weave construction that is used now to create a far lighter fabric than those woven with a twill. All of these collections sport bright and colorful windowpanes, glen plaids, pinstripes and checks that utilize silk, linen and wool blends. Therein lies an exceptional fabric for ladies and gentlemen of all walks of life.





Holland & Sherry at Festari For Men

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