Making Custom Dress Shirts at Festari

One-of-a-kind, hand-made for you.







Fabric Selection 

To begin making your custom shirt, we will work with you to select the fabric that satisfies your preferences. 

Choose from over 2000 fabrics.

When selecting a fabric for custom shirts, comfort, style and durability are the main elements to consider. Better quality fabric will last you far longer and provide far more comfort. We showcase some of the world’s finest collections of fabrics, highlighting rare and precious fabrics and the high level of craftsmanship used to make them. We break down our selection into types of fabrics and the ply they are made with. 


How Do You Like Your Fabric? 

Lightweight, breathable, textures, patterns? The exemplary fabrics found in our collections highlight the finest quality from around the world. The 1-ply and 2-ply shirting fabrics available at Festari will consist of unique compositions such as Egyptian cotton, pure flax linen, Cashmere, and silk blends. We work with our clients to find the fabric that matches their stylistic tastes as well as any details they may need for any event, geography or climate. 

Measured & Tapered 

Every detail of your body shape and style preferences are taken into account to provide the perfect fit. 


Design Based On Your Body 

Unique details about your body shape can be crucial when selecting a shirt and can be the deciding factor in most cases. This can include longer arms, a wider neck, sloping shoulders, and so on. To ensure that your shirt fits in the proper way, we design your custom garment specifically for these minute details that would otherwise be unavailable in-store. 

Over 25 Different Measurements 

For the best fitting dress shirts, we take a precise approach in design, taking multiple measurements throughout the body to determine the best size and style. The process can take 20-30 minutes to acquire the most accurate results and will include body specific measurements such as the wrist, stomach and shoulder area. 

Style of Shirt 

After the proper fabric is chosen, you will be given the opportunity to select each of the details and styles of your shirt. 


Your choice of collars extends from a range of eras and different styles. From Cut-Away Collars with a wide spread or traditional straight, rounded, and button down collars. 

Select from over 10 different types of collars based on both modern and traditional styles. For specific styles, contact us for availability. 



For the cuffs, clients will have a selection of several options of unique construction. That will entail the specific type of stitching, as well as the angle of the hem when the collar lays upon your wrist. It may also cover the location of your buttons, the number of buttons, and whether you choose to use French or barrel cuffs.

Thread, Buttons & Monograms 

Another detail available for your custom dress shirt will be the options of thread color, potential button locations, and even monogramming to bring the most personalization to your shirt. These subtle variations can be made to coordinate with a full outfit or to emphasize a certain color and style of wear. 




Made By Hand For Superior Quality 

When you have a garment custom made with Festari for Men, we ensure that every piece of the shirt will be exclusively made hand and to with highest degree of quality. 







We’ll Keep Your Record

Once you have a custom garment made with Festari for Men, we will save your measurements and each personal detail that you prefer. This ensures a faster and more efficient service for your next custom shirt. 






Need A New Shirt? 

For any client wishing to get a new custom shirt, you can click below to set up an appointment to get started. Furthermore, we are happy to offer our esteemed clients private or at-home appointments including one-on-one work with Mr. Festari. This offer is only available for clients interested in getting 4 or more custom shirts.