October 25, 2019

The Rare Jewels of Scabal: Diamonds & Gold

Reserved For The Elite


The diamond is a truly rare and precious stone. For millennia it has been the peak of luxury and wonder, treasured not just for its beauty but the incredible strength it wields. In fact, before 2001, incorporating diamonds into fabric was thought to be impossible. It was only after the “Diamond Chip” Fabric collection from Scabal was released that the world truly saw this luxurious blend come to fruition. The fabric range required deep research and development on how to press the powdered diamond chips into the fabric — the inner workings of which are still a secret to this day.


Scabal set a legendary milestone with this collection, showcasing an immense variety of patterns and colors. With the microscopic fragments of diamond pressed into the wool before the wool is spun, it brings a unique sheen to the material. From a glance, the iridescence of the diamond chips makes the fabric shine with a subtle but enchanting lustre. To ensure that beauty does not overwhelm comfort, Scabal selected a truly noble cloth to blend the diamond chips with. This wool, from their line of Super 150s, is truly exceptional. It is made ultrafine when woven with silk, creating an exquisite foundation for the diamonds.


You will find immaculate greys and blues, with elegant texture in the weaves that show off the shine of the diamonds. All of these fabrics were made in Huddersfield, England, where Scabal’s hallowed mill has woven luxury cloth for over 500 years. The centuries of tradition and passion show in every fiber of this collection.


Of course, this belgian textile mill, which is a staple name on Savile Row, has an inclination for the spectacular. As a result, the fascinating trend of blending precious gems and metals is not necessarily new for Scabal. In fact, Diamonds are simply another iteration in a long line of specialty cloths. Scabal has weaved fabrics with the world’s most rarified elements from Gold to Platinum and even Lapis Lazuli. These specialist cloths and are designed for the most dignified gentry, as Scabal aims to express the essence of human creativity blended gracefully with the power of technology.


The Diamond Chip collection is available for bespoke garments at Festari For Men now.



The Golden Fleece


As mentioned, Scabal has been known to challenge what was once thought to be impossible. In 1999, the master weavers of Scabal were able to blend 22-carat gold into their finest wool. The collection, appropriately titled “Treasure Box” has been a prize of Scabal, and had been under development since 1938. This fabric range consists of eleven fabrics that feature super 150s merino wool with intricate blends of gold and platinum. Find the most traditional styles brought back to life with this brilliant collection. From pin-stripes to the solid colors, the British cloth makers bring a truly exemplary touch to their already tremendous collection. The interweaving 24-carat gold and platinum are unique for each line and holds an incredible aesthetic and intrinsic value.



Watch as the material shines and sparkles as the precious metal reflects in the light. Scabal has designed this range for the most devoted connoisseurs. Alongside their “Diamond Chip” collection, they complete a vision that has been centuries in the making. Festari For Men also offers bespoke services for the “Treasure Box” collection as well. If you would like to begin designing your own gold or diamond blended suit, please call to set up an appointment.¬†




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