The Luxurious Art of Silk Ties 

Handmade in Italy 





Silk from Lake Como 

In the northern region of Lombardy, in an area near the famed Lake Como, some of the finest silks in the world are produced and manufactured. It is an illustrious marker of this region earning it the name “Silk City” for the superb quality of silk made here since the 1990s. Although it is not as cheap to produce as the silk from the factory centers in Indian and China, the mystique and true italian sartorial expertise make it one of a kind. This is the origin of the silk found in the ties at Festari for Men. Their maker, Italo Ferretti, carries a legacy of hand crafting the most exquisite ties that boast both technical superiority and extreme softness. 

The Origins


The first handmade tie in Abruzzo, made in Silvi Marina.

Italo Ferretti left Silvi, his beloved hometown on the coast of the Abruzzo region of Italy, in the early 1960s to go to Milan, where he first worked for a pharmaceutical firm, then for his uncle’s transportation company. Both of those jobs prepared him for the entrepreneur work and life that he later chose to pursue. After a few years in the north of Italy, he returned to Silvi Marina as part of the then-mandatory Italian military service. After this experience, he decided to join the Lebole parish company in central Italy as a Representative to show his patronage.

Italo Ferretti quickly saw a high demand for neckties in the textile sector, as well as a local manufacturing industry that was in some ways deficient. That is why he chose to purchase stock ties from Como’s already well-known fabric companies and resell them to the central Italy distribution and apparel retail network. The idea’s immediate success convinces him to start his own production company: at first, just a small workshop in his hometown suburbs of “Santostefano,” from which the company gets its name.

Italo’s challenge was to launch a product designed and produced entirely in Silvi Marina and make it the best during those years in Italy, when “the tie par excellence” was the one made in Milan. He was determined to create the best necktie in the world and to make his hometown proud and well-known around the world. He began by extensively researching the product and enrolling in design, fashion, modeling, and sewing classes. Italo Ferretti founded one of the highest levels of business companies in the field of luxury fashion thanks to his acquired expertise, competitor analysis, and powerful imagination.



Italo Ferretti is an Italian story that starts in 1967 and is still ongoing today, without losing the Italian tailoring and sartorial manufacturing values and traditions that gave it that original splendor. 




Italo Ferretti, the creator of Brioni ties

Italo Ferretti considers 1979 to be a breakthrough year since it marks the beginning of his relationship with Brioni, an Italian clothing manufacturer. Italo Ferretti, in truth, was the designer of Brioni ties and, to be honest, the true architect of his international reputation.
Italo’s excitement and passion resulted in the Brioni tie, which has become synonymous with high-end manufacturing and elegance. Italo Ferretti’s neckties have been a favorite of world presidents, politicians, and governors for nearly 30 years.

Italo Ferretti focused his efforts solely on the internationalization of his brand after his relationship with Brioni came to an end. Manufacturing know-how and high-quality products spoke for themselves everywhere, allowing him to achieve all of the success he did in the decades that followed. From the design to the pattern, the refinement of the silk used, the labeling, and even the luxurious packaging, Italo Ferretti ties are one-of-a-kind exceptional items.

But what is the meaning of luxury fashion? According to Mr. Italo, luxury is “the ability to blend ideas, skills and expertise with the most renowned brands and smart personalities in the retail world. It’s thanks to originality and high-level knowledge and experience that someone can achieve unique and extremely refined luxury products”. Today, the company headquarters are still in Silvi Marina (not far from the Santostefano region, where the first Italo Ferretti workshop was in the 1960s), and Carlo, Italo’s first son, and his two brothers Federico and Giacomo, have been in charge of the company since 2019.



“[Luxury is] the ability to blend ideas, skills and expertise with the most renowned brands and smart personalities in the retail world. It’s thanks to originality and high-level knowledge and experience that someone can achieve unique and extremely refined luxury products”.

– Italo Ferretti 


Patented for Perfection  

The excellent technological design of the ties found at Festari for Men is one of the most exquisite details about them. The entire tie is protected by three patents that were developed to ensure that the tie’s quality is not only unrivaled, but also long-lasting.

The Balanced Tie – Patent N ° 00065
The tail is made much heavier and solid by the reinforcement added to it, which is made of the same fabric as the belt, the three additional sewings, and the double flaps. Ties are much more balanced and stable as a result of this patent.

The Anti-Crease Seam
Italo Ferretti’s invention of the anti-crease seam has solved the issue of “overlapping” fabric at the neck, which causes bulges that are both distracting and unsightly! The fabric stays completely neat and smooth under the collar thanks to this innovation and processing, and the tightness of the tie’s knot is also favored.

The Navetta – Patent N ° 0233119
The unique Navetta, a simple and ingenious decoration that helps hold the tie in its proper place, is embellished and further enhanced on all Italo Ferretti ties. The Navetta is a unique tie-keeper, consisting of a cloth loop inserted in the back of the tie with a buttonhole through which to secure the tie to the shirt, allowing the tie to stay in place without the use of a tie-clip.