SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON is waiting to serve you.  When Rudy Festari and his staff at Festari for Men talk about service, it’s personal.  They get to know the individual that is you, they listen to you, they learn your needs, and they devote themselves to fulfilling those needs with focused attention to detail.


People often ask, “What is a slim fit suit?”  “Slim fit” is a fashion style that accentuates a man’s slim build.  It can also give a larger man a trimmer appearance.  Some characteristics of a slim fit suit are:  narrower coat lapels with a higher notch, narrower shoulders, slightly shorter two-button single-breasted coat, and slightly tapered non-pleated-front trousers.  Basically, this fashion concept is designed to make a man appear long and sleek.  SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON understands styling concepts like this one, and can adapt those concepts to your particular needs.


At Festari for Men, SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON offers a wide variety of ready-to-wear fashions, as well as custom fashions that will enhance your best traits.  One of the expert tailors is always available to you for personal consultation and fitting.  If you prefer, one of those tailors will gladly come to you at your home or office, and guarantee that your custom-made garments will be ready for you within seven to ten days.  Again, when Festari for men talks about service, it’s personal.  Rudy Festari and his staff believe that, only by developing personal relationships with their clients, can your clothing needs best be served.

SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON – Home of Value and Personal Service

There are many stores to which you can go and purchase a suit.  The choice is yours, and you have a variety of stores from which to choose.  One of those choices will be between value and price.  Do you want a cheap suit, or do you want value for the price you pay?  Rudy Festari, at SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON, understands that cheap suits are cheaply made, and that, whatever your budget, you want value for the price you pay.  SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON guarantees to provide that value.


There is another choice you will make in choosing where to purchase your suit.  Do you just want to go to a store, purchase a suit off the rack, and take it home?  Do you want to go to a store where you can choose a suit off the rack and have someone make alterations for you?  On the other hand, do you want to choose a store where your tailor considers you to be a friend, and will makes filling your clothing needs their goal, providing you with his, or her, expertise in design, workmanship, and value?  Rudy Festari and his staff at Festari for Men provide the latter type of service – quality, professional, and personal service to which you, and every client, are entitled.  SLIM FIT SUITS HOUSTON truly IS the home of value and personal service.