October 12, 2019

Spotlight: Wolf and Shepherd


From the Office to the Marathon


Comfortable Dress Shoes?


One of the most relentless burdens that modern gentleman experiences are finding comfortable dress shoes. With wooden soles and little to no padding on the inside, wearing them all day can a difficult undertaking. Many men lament over the strain that they go through on a daily basis. After having to be on their feet all day, the shoe becomes one of the most critical aspects when it comes to comfort. Fortunately, Wolf & Shepherd have provided a solution.

Designed For The High Performing Professional


The original premise behind Wolf & Shepherd’s new line of dress shoes was to take all the comfort of a running shoe and neatly conceal it in these classic styles. Through the use of cushioned lining, instant-forming memory foam, and grade-A sheepskin lining they bring unprecedented support for your feet. The design operates in such a way that it reforms to hug your foot even as it changes positions. With these extra layers, Wolf & Shepherd’s shoes remain comfortable even after long periods of extended wear.


Each shoe is made with Wolf & Shepherd’s signature technology WOLFTECHTM and PHOENIXTECHTM which means that the forefoot and heels are designed by injecting thermal polyurethane (TPU) onto the German leather midsoles for a long-lasting tread design that can easily handle the most active professionals. Furthermore, when you look to resole your shoes, the PheonixTech has made the process simple and accessible all over the world. Due to their patented design, you can go to the W&S manufacturers or have your own preferred cobbler resole them for years of enjoyment.


Proud Vendors of Wolf & Shepherd



Festari For Men recognizes the intrinsic value of Wolf & Shepherd shoes. We are proud to represent their collections at our storefront and showcase their Genesis collection. Find the perfect blend between comfort and style. Wolf & Shepherd spends countless hours engineering these shoes to be durable, with minute details in the sole that allows for flexibility and responsive support. Relative to a running shoe, there is a carbon fiber shank in between the sole and the padding. This will not only lower the average weight of the shoe but it will encourage the arch in your foot.


Inspired By Athletes.


Made with genuine Italian leather and padded sheepskin lining, they evoke traditional styles that boast modern comfort. Enjoy your day without the wear or strain, move with freedom and look good. This is a driving principle behind the Wolf & Shepherd line and represents the same elements that you will find at Festari For Men.


If you’re looking to find one of their timeless dress shoes, you can visit our storefront in the Galleria area today! Our location is 1800 Post Oak Blvd. We are open Monday through Saturday from 11-6 PM. As the sole vendor of Wolf & Shepherd shoes in the Houston area, come to Festari For Men to explore the newest trend in luxury footwear.





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