November 26, 2019

The Corporate Traveler

Preparing for a business trip requires the perfect measure of style and utility. You’re about to embark on another trip to expand opportunities for your business. There are important meetings ahead, and packing clothes that are proven to exude confidence and comfort is a must. 

There are moments to maintain professionalism and uphold it and then there are times to make an unforgettable impression. Packing the right garments can make all the difference when you’re in a foreign city, we’ve selected a few pieces of advice, and clothing, to keep you sharp and in your zone no matter where you go. 





A conservative suit will do but prepare for the unexpected.














For a business trip, grey, blue and black suits will be the ideal route. They demonstrate a timeless class and professionalism. With a clean navy suit you can embrace a sophistication without demanding attention away from the work at hand.  Of course, when traveling for work keep in mind there are always those opportunities to indulge after hours. While the subtle patterns such as monochromatic windowpanes or a traditional pinstripe will suffice for the office or meetings, bring a more exciting suit for the cocktail party afterwards. Keep in mind, for every 3 conservative suits you have there should be a brighter louder suit waiting for the right occasion. 









Wanting Designer Formal Wear For Men

Professional, sleek, and powerful.

Pack to work, and then pack to relax.



After a day of meetings, conventions, or what have you, it may be a good idea to get more comfortable. That could mean a casual silk & wool blazer paired with cotton jeans for a drink at one of the city’s signature bars. Alternatively, if you’re not the social kind, we would recommend a cashmere pullover for lounging. You should pack that one either way.









Protect your delicate fabrics.


For most garments that you travel with, there is relatively low risk when packing them. For fabrics such as wool and cotton, you may only need to press out a shirt or trousers after reaching your destination. On the other hand, some fabrics will not take as kindly to creasing and could potentially be ruined by improper storage during travel.

These fabrics will consist of silks, cashmere, linens, and velvet garments. Given their delicate nature, they require a high degree of maintenance even during the production of the cloth. As a result, these fabrics will require a lot of care when packing.




Here is a simplified step-by-step breakdown of how you can appropriately store your delicate fabrics:


  1. Fold individual silk, velvet, cashmere garments using a flat object. 

  2. After folding, roll each of the garments into cylinders to prevent further creasing.

  3.  Make space in your luggage to allow a specific place for the delicate fabrics; separate them with a divider if possible.

  4.  When you reach your destination, unfold them and hang them immediately to let out any creases.

  5.  Blow-drying your garments is a safer hotel alternative for releasing wrinkles.


(For large garments such as robes and top coats, we recommend using a garment bag instead)






Remember to look up the weather.


It usually rains in Seattle, and it will probably snow in New York. However, as you probably have learned from your local meteorologist, predicting the weather is never a certainty. When a summer storm hits Los Angeles, at least the raincoat and umbrella you packed won’t dampen your mood.






Each item should complement one another.


Mixing and matching garments can be the difference between 4 outfits and 16. When you’re going out of town, this is going to be your bread and butter. Keep all of your clothes within a certain color palette and basic style. Make sure to bring a variety of fabrics with unique texture or weaves. A nice knit tie is just as noticeable of a change as a bright-colored silk one. If each of your pants can mix with every dress shirt, and switch ties without ruining a look, then you’re packing to perfection.







It’s smart to overpack, just don’t overdo it.


Having options when each new day arrives is a proven stress reliever. For all of the possible ways that your plans could change, a few backups surely couldn’t hurt. Just running into an old friend can change the entire afternoon.

So to account for the business meetings, relaxation, the unpredictable weather, and an eclectic touch of style, packing becomes a necessity. Yet still, there’s always that problem with carry-on limits and no one wants to be that guy with too many bags so all in all, think “abundance” over “excess”.





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