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Making an iconic suit with Scabal



Since moving into Saville Row in 1972, Scabal has been featured in a number of iconic films that have made their marked on the world of film. Great movies require immense attention to detail and we are proud to present the mill behind the magic. For blockbuster greats like ‘The Godfather’, ‘Casino’, ‘The Wolf on Wall Street’, James Bond and even Titanic, the sartorial excellence of Scabal was used to create all of the iconic and unforgettable looks that have influenced generations.



Introducing Scabal 

The extraordinary mill known as Scabal was founded in Belgium by a woolen merchant named Otto Hertz in 1938, and it was his decision to bring international tailors together that propelled the mill to the centerstage. By 1970, Scabal had grown into an international company with many employees throughout Europe, serving the finest cloth for bespoke in London’s historic Saville Row.

From One Artist to Another

Even before their features in the film industry, they were sought after by many illustrious names including the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali. He was commissioned to create 12 paintings for the company as an exhibition of what 21st century tailoring might appear.




Revolutionary Fabric 

The experts behind Scabal have always challenged the limits and boundaries of tailoring and what it means to create something truly bespoke. To learn more about some of their creations, we would recommend reading our post about the diamond chip and gold fabrics by Scabal where we highlight how each fabric is made with 24k gold or diamond fragments pressed into the thread before weaving.

You can read that post here.

















James Bond 

Casino Royale, Skyfall, Spectre 

Since the beginning, the only thing sharper than Bond’s wit was his suit. England’s favorite agent, the licensed to kill 007 is rarely seen without an exquisite suit or at the very least impeccable tailoring. His suits are both modern and yet conservative. Striking the perfect tone between attention to detail and performance. 
















Made in 1971 starring Robert De Niro

If  you’re looking for an extravagant and bold wardrobe that risks it all on every roll of the dice, look no further than the costume design for Robert De Niro’s character in Casino, Ace Rothstein. His incredible looks featured bright and striking colored suits and sport coats with complementary two tone accents that epitomized the lavish high life at the top of mob run casinos. Scabal was comissioned to make over 70 suits and jackets for De Niro over the course of filming and they delivered on every one of them with impeccable craftsmanship to match De Niro’s undeniable swagger and has gone down as one of the most iconic styles every to hit the silver screen. 















The Godfather 

One of the most iconic Mafia films ever, made with the fabrics of Scabal

There are little mentions for the sheer intensity and power ushering out of every scene in the Godfather. It is at both times heart warming and gut-wrenching yet most of all, it carries an air of respect and honor. All of this is meant to be expressed through the costume design and it is evident from the exquisite tuxedo with a rose in the lapel for Marlon Brando’s character Don Vito Corleone, to the sharp 3-piece worn by Al Pacino for his son Michael Corleone. Scabal made certain that they looked the part. 













Wolf on Wall Street 

Martin Scorcese’s Wall Street epic revives the styles of the 80s with the help of Scabal

There is little to be said about the storied look of a typical wall street magnate. Their pin stripe double breasted suits were a mark of dominance, bravado and of course, wealth. This energy was captured perfectly by the costume team working with Scabal. Every suit or jacket on screen is sharp, confident and oozes iconic wall street charisma. 




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