The Italian Shoulder

Find Out Why The Soft-Shoulder Is The Perfect Look For Summer

There is a lot of personality in the way a man wears his suit. Changing the slightest detail can highlight your unique style or adhere to a rule of etiquette. An adjustment in your jacket shoulders, for instance, can be the difference between a jacket for brunch and a jacket for a gala. In this case, the soft-shoulder, or “Italian shoulder”,  exhibits savvy fashion for the heat of the summer and a casual attitude that oozes a laid-back charisma. It combines the beauty of sartorial work with the elegance of leisure. 


Why Choose A Soft-Shoulder?

Italian shoulders will fall organically on the contours of your upper body. The soft frame complements any vibrant check or windowpane, making it ideal for bright colors. They can bring a chic touch to a casual look, and if made with linen, will blend far better with the fabric’s natural creasing. 

Understanding The Look

The silhouette of a tuxedo, for instance, calls for a crisp and clean cut, with a padding on the shoulders that holds a sharp, dramatic shape. On the other hand, your summer suit does not need as much structure and thus, should be as light-hearted and relaxed as the season.


Expert Tailoring

The structure of a soft shoulder requires an excellent tailor, as the operation demands intricate weaving of the thread for the shoulders one stitch at a time.  The soft shoulder bears resemblance to a dress shirt, with minimal — if any — padding present offering far more ease of movement.  

Cool & Lightweight

By opting to remove the padding in the shoulders, there is less material between you and the fabric and can drastically increase the breathability of your jacket while also lowering the weight of your coat. This increases the comfort and mobility for the wearer.

Refreshing Style

The ruggedness of an unstructured shoulder softens even the loudest patterns. You can dress up with slacks and a tie, or dress down with a polo and jeans. When the heat builds up, conventional styles fall short in favor of this cool, unorthodox look.



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