November 10, 2019

Planning Out Your Wedding Tuxedo

If you’re browsing through tuxedos for weddings in Houston, there are a few very important details to keep in mind. Your wedding is one of the most special moments in your life and the tuxedo should be just as memorable. Finding a tailor who can offer exceptional custom work and high-quality fabrics is a necessity. While other suits may not require such attention to detail, a wedding tuxedo should evoke all of the strong emotions and style that surrounds the occasion. Each aspect should be a personal decision and a meaningful touch.

When you work with Festari For Men you will have the opportunity to personalize every detail of your tuxedo. For more than 25 years Festari For Men has held a reputation for fine quality and custom-tailoring. We routinely create excellent pieces for grooms and provide them with all of the freedoms to create a one-of-one tuxedo.


Consider Every Detail Of Your Tuxedo



Making a custom tuxedo is an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, and we make certain to give you full control over the design process. From deciding the proper material and the style of the suit to the cut and trim. You will have the opportunity to choose every minute facet from the type of buttons to the color of stitching you prefer. With exceptional fabrics that can range from wools with incredibly high thread counts to silk, cashmere, velvet, and even vicuna, there is an option for any man.

Festari For Men has imported thousands of fabrics from the finest mills around the world to make available for clients. As you work with Mr. Festari, or one of our clothiers, to select your fabric, we will consider a wide array of elements that might play into your event and the value of the tuxedo. For example, if your wedding is hosted in a location that is more tropical and humid we might suggest wool weaves that are lighter and more breathable. Contrary to popular belief, there are many wool fabrics that are designed to fend off overheating and perspiration.


There are hundreds of years of study, mastery of techniques and perfection of the craft that goes into the fabrics and styles that we offer. This is where the insight of the owner, Mr. Festari, and the rest of his staff will help you coordinate your piece. Often times, our clients approach us with a unique and very specific look or vision. They may have a vague concept of the style or an encyclopedic knowledge of their goal, but in either case, their sartorial needs are met in spades at Festari For Men.


The Process


Right from the beginning of the meeting, you will find your treatment to be luxurious. During the meeting, clients go through the entire custom process. After the fabric and styling, we typically take around 15-20 unique dimensions to record your measurements and prepare to create the tuxedo.

There are hundreds of variations that can be put together and we will take the time to run through all of the options so that you can make a piece that is truly personal and creative. We will breakdown the different styles possible for a tuxedo, but ultimately it will be your decision to make. For example, you may want to have a satin shawl on your velvet tux or make it a one-button tuxedo. Clients can alter the shape and look with unique pockets, buttons, add the satin trim on to your slacks, select the lining of the coat, and we will add monogramming on the inside to designate that it was made exclusively for you.



Preparing In Advance


As is tradition, many weddings are planned and organized many months in advance. The bride and groom typically spend a long time searching for their outfits and picking out what works best can be a stress. We understand your need for punctual service. When you set up your appointment, Festari For Men will dedicate the time to provide excellent care and have your tuxedo ready for you within the time frame that you’re looking for. Typically we the making of a suit requires around 4-5 weeks of work.

Once we have done so, we send off your records to our master tailor and begin crafting the piece. When your suit has been made, we will call you back to go through a fitting to make alterations. This is the chance to get the fit even better, making small modifications to the silhouette. We usually request 2-3 fittings to make sure that the suit is perfect.



Join A Legacy of Weddings

with Festari For Men


Festari For Men is a company that is deep in history when it comes to Houston culture. We have been mentioned in premier magazines such as Esquire or the Houston Chronicle for our quality tailoring.

From working with Houston’s elite businessmen, athletes and other esteemed members of society, to hosting charity galas that feature exciting runway shows, the quality of a Festari suit goes beyond the fabric and the look. However, we make no compromises when it comes to quality either. You can be certain that your tuxedo will be at the center of luxury and legacy. Our goal is to create a piece that is worthy of the greatest moments in your life.


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