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Trying to find the right tuxedos for your wedding is a delicate process. When it comes to weddings, there are already so many details outside of the actual outfits that can make it hectic. Finding a tailor that can help you select the tuxedo without any more complications is certainly an important aspect. However, making sure every aspect of your special moment is just as how you want it is even more critical. That’s why a custom tuxedo at Festari For Men will be the most effective solution. We provide a fully personal bespoke service that will give you complete control over the design of the tuxedo. Furthermore, with over 30 years of experience backing our work, experience a luxurious treatment from start to finish as you make this custom piece. We ensure that our garments are of the highest quality and are made to last a lifetime. 

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Made-To-Measure & Ready-To-Wear


Tuxedos & Weddings Houston

There is always a reason to get a good ready-to-wear suit. In some cases, it can be absolutely necessary when you’re working on a busy schedule. For those short notice events, such as your friend’s wedding, you can find a suit or tuxedo in-store and our professional tailor can alter it for your event.

However, this is just one facet of our company, and for those that wish to have a more personal experience, our bespoke custom suits and tuxedos are of the finest quality. Our custom tuxedos will showcase your personal taste and embody every aspect of the occasion. 


Festari For Men makes one-of-a-kind pieces for our clients that are meant to last a lifetime. 


Led by founder and owner Rodolfo Festari, we have curated an extraordinary range of fabric collections from all over the world. That will include the best of wool, silk, and cashmere, as well as other unique blends from clothmakers such as Ermenegildo Zegna or Loro Piana. When combined with the extensive range of details that make up a Tuxedo, such as the buttons, pockets, and lapel, our clients can explore the freedom of bespoke as they select various details for their tuxedo. 


The Best Tuxedos & Weddings In Houston


If you’re an experienced shopper for suits, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’ve already had your fabrics in mind and you know exactly what style of cut you want. Of course, you may be preparing for your wedding and have absolutely no idea what you’re looking for. In either case, Festari For Men can work with you to coordinate every detail. Whether the wedding is a year away or just a few months, we can make a tuxedo of excellent quality.


How to Find Custom Made Tuxedo Jackets

We routinely work with couples to organize the color schemes and styles for their weddings. Additionally, if you are planning to have matching groomsmen, this is another aspect of weddings that Festari For Men can take care of. All that is required is an appointment to begin breaking down the details, selecting the fabrics, and setting up the fittings.


Throughout the custom Tuxedo process, we will assess the different aspects of the wedding that may require fashion adjustments. These will range from the location and the theme to the weather during that time of year. When designing your own tuxedo, there are a lot of factors that could lead to a better design that complements you in every condition. For example, you can select material that favors better under tropical conditions. In another case, you may want to have your own lining picked out to complement the style of the bride. It may be as simple as monogramming your name on the inside of the coat. All of these personal choices can be customized with our clothiers when you are making your Tuxedo.  


Adding Accessories To Match Your Tuxedo


We also have an excellent stock of tuxedo accessories to go with the ensemble. That will include any bowties, dress shoes, pocket squares, and cuff links if need be. Weddings are an incredibly special time and it deserves the finest touches. When you’re finally standing at the alter, Festari For Men will make sure you’re comfortable and looking the part. This will be one of the final aspects that you should consider as it can be an excellent detail to match with the other groomsmen attending the wedding or simply a unique choice to stand out.

Tuxedos & Weddings Houston


The Final Fittings


After finalizing the details of your custom tuxedo, we measure all of your different dimensions. This will cover aspects of your frame such as the thickness of your arms or the angle of your shoulders. Festari For Men typically requests that there be at least one more follow-up fitting to ensure that the Tuxedo fits perfectly. Once we have recorded all of the measurements our tailor will go to work. For our made-to-measure services, clients can expect the process to take around 4-5 weeks for us to complete your tuxedo. After which we’ll give you a call to let you know its ready for pick-up! 


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Find the best options for tuxedos & weddings in Houston with Festari for Men. Whether you need a full tuxedo, a simple suit, or a mere blazer, you’ll be able to find what you need at our shop. Call us today at 713-626-1234 or visit our location on 1800 Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria area to find out more about our custom tuxedo services 



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