Pecora Nera

by Loro Piana 

Superfine un-dyed natural cloth, woven from the Black Sheep








This collection is made with a rare breed of sheep that have a black fleece instead of the traditional white or beige fleece usually seen on sheep. It is this same coloring that Loro Piana hoped to preserve when making Pecora Nera and it is apparent with the rich browns and tans seen in the collection.




The earth tones complement the traditional weaves elegantly. Notice how the patterns offer a warm but muted taste. The natural hues give it a fresh and organic look that is matured, carrying a touch of classic conservative style.

Breeding Excellence

Black was the original colour of sheep bred in the past. It was only when farmers discovered that white wool could easily be dyed in a wide variety of colours that a selective breeding process began, making the white sheep the dominant strain.

Loro Piana, however, recognised the value of the wool from dark-coloured Merino sheep and entered a partnership with a visionary breeder in New Zealand to reinstate this superb fibre.

To this day, the dark gene remains as a secondary trait in some white sheep, which is why a black or dark-coloured lamb is sometimes born in an otherwise white flock of sheep — hence the name, “The Black Sheep of the family”. 


Fortunately, Loro Piana has restored this fleece to it’s former brilliance with their Pecora Nera collection.

Pecora Nera® is the result of 20 years of hard work by a New Zealand breeder determined to restore the dignity and importance of the black Merino sheep. Through careful selection, crossing only the animals with the particular genetic heritage, the original characteristics of the sheep were slowly revealed.

This is one act in a long line of noble pursuits by Loro Piana to sustain and uplift at risk or rare species. Look out our blog “Vicuna & Cashmere’ to learn more about Loro Piana’s activist ventures. 




Loro Piana is the sole purchaser of dark fleece from New Zealand, giving rise to an extraordinary range of knitwear, garments and fabrics which do not require any dye but instead embrace the warm, natural shades offered by the black Merino wools. 

Festari for Men is proud to carry this collection as well as all others from Loro Piana. If you are interested in making a custom garment from Loro Piana’s Pecora Nera collection please contact us to book your appointment.