Details of a Truly Italian Suit

Italy is one of the most notable centers of the world for making the finest cloths and designing some of the most fashion forward and stylish suits. Their techniques are hundreds of years old, yet their technologies are cutting edge. This is the pursuit of passion more than process and it shows in every stitch. Throughout your suit buying experience, there will be many opportunities to spend less or worse, spend more, for a suit that simply isn’t a truly Italian suit. When it comes to men’s Italian suits, we have collected some key details which should help refine your eye.


Quality of Cloth

For much of the world, wool is the preferred fabric for of choice when it comes to making suits. Go no further than the Italians for the finest fleece. However they are also known for excellence in many other fabrics such as silk, cashmere, and even the ultra rare fabric of vicuña. Their work spans the globe, and this is your first marker. What is the suit fabric? Where does it come from? Typically, Italian suits for sale will have a “Made in Italy” tag on or inside the jacket. Here are some of the mills you might expect to see  but don’t be afraid to do your research — that’s what we’re here for.

Many Mills from Italy specialize in unique types of fabric as well. For instance, Ermenegildo Zegna, a mill in the northern region of Piemonte, Italy, are pioneers in the frontier of Woolen cloths. The Zegna family and Ermenegildo, for which the company is named after, took great risks to grow and cultivate sheep as far as Australia where they are still finding finer and finer qualities today. Browse through our lookbook here.


Loro Piana is another exceptionally renowned Italian mill for men’s suits. Their specialty lies not in the mundane, but in the rarest of rare. Cashmere and Vicuña, some of the softest and exclusive fabrics known to man, are made almost primarily by this Italian mill. Certainly any suit you find off the rack with labels of mills with these names will be exceptional pieces. You can find Loro Piana suits in-store at Festari for Men now.



Did you know there are Italian mills such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, who have kept client orders like the Duke of Savoy since the 1600s? Famed for their prestigious history and heritage spanning over 400 years, they are not only an excellent mill but boast a remarkable legacy. Find the most exceptional fabrics and looks at Festari for Men. 


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Expert Craftsmanship in Italian Suits

Italian men’s suits will typically possess incredible sartorial quality. You can expect to find clean seams, symmetrical patterns and sharp, chic, design. Italian suits for sale in any store in America will also carry a tapered silhouette. Trimmed but not over slimming. There is an elegance to the shape of an Italian suit.

The Neapolitan Suit

Unlike any suit in the world, men’s Italian suits with a Neapolitan shape will carry “natural” rounded shoulders with no padding at all. They have set-in sleeves, large robust lapels and a high waist coat button placement. This allows for more mobility, a casual yet bold demeanor and the selection of larger and brighter patterns.

The Milanese Suit

A more structured, technical piece of suiting. The Milanese suit bears unique details like classic padded shoulders and more structure. You can find them often with ticket pockets and medium lapels. They are also typically made with more lustrous fibers that give off a sheen which encapsulates the luxurious and stately nature.

The Best of Both: Bespoke Italian Suits

To ensure the most exquisite combination of both quality cloth and expert craftsmanship, we recommend you work with Festari for Men. A bespoke men’s suit ensures all aspects are handled with meticulous care. With access to the finest Italian fabric, our handmade master tailoring and a wide range of design options, Festari for Men can capture the authentic Italian style you’re looking for in a suit. All of the fabrics and mills mentioned in the post, including the cuts and details of the suits are available for selection, click the link below to make an appointment with one of our clothiers today!