A Study of Fabric: Weather the Storm A Study of Fabric: Weather the Storm






Weather the Storm

Luxurious fabrics made to endure the fiercest elements. 


Come Rain or Shine…

Make a Custom Suit that Excels 

There are many different climates across the planet, as any well traveled gentleman knows, whether for business or pleasure, there is no stopping the elements — we can only dress accordingly.

Festari for Men offers a wide variety of fabrics made specifically for seasonal climates as well as many specialty cloths that use advanced technology to achieve incredible features like temperature control, stretch and weather protection.



Rain Protection  

Stay Dry with Storm System by Loro Piana

By combining all of the modern tailoring advancements, Loro Piana presents the finest and most robust fabric for protection from the rain. Storm System is a three-layer technical blend of wool or cashmere with Loro Piana’s proprietary fabric treatment. Using their patented Rain System,  water falls off any garment harmlessly.

This tremendous design allows clients to wear the finest wool, vicuna, and cashmere without sustaining damage from water. Whether its a drizzle or torrential downpour, you can expect to find your garments dry and well-insulated.


Adding to the quality of the garment, there is also an ultra-thin membrane separating the fabric and the lining to create wind protection, making the fabric more resilient during even the most aggressive storms. Perfect for those stormy days in New York, Chicago, and London where looking your best is mandatory no matter the conditions.

Temperature Control 

Keep Out of the Heat with Cool Effect by Ermenegildo Zegna 

If your aim is to keep cool and conserve energy, and using a standard tropical wool may not be enough, we suggest the Cool Effect fabric collection by Ermenegildo Zegna. The renowned Italian Mill Ermenegildo Zegna serves as the leading example for luxury fabric and Cool Effect is the pinnacle of both performance and beauty.



The collection features a revolutionary treatment to treat their ultra fine Australian wool to provide the most protection under the intense summer heat. Using Cool Effect technology, the fabrics are more reflective of the sun’s rays and instead of absorbing into the cloth, Zegna Cool Effect fabric reflects up to 80% of the sunlight. This keeps you and the garment cool even in broad daylight.

Furthermore, it’s light weight composition makes for an even more enticing combination. Clocking in at just over 250 grams this is an exceptional tropical wool the extra sun protection provided by the cool effect technology makes this our go to favorite for bespoke suiting in the summer.

Ultimate Mobility

Move in style with Volare by Loro Piana

A collection of precious wool, cashmere, silk, and linen fibers blended with technical fibers to create products designed to deliver supreme comfort. With these easy-care, breathable solutions with natural stretch, garments remain in pristine condition even after a long journey or a busy working day.


These unique fabrics offer a light touch and a sense of freedom. The technical fibers allow incredible four-way stretch that gives as you move but does not lose shape when you return to normal posture. It’s the ideal mix of luxury and performance and the collection provides variations of weight and softness for every season.

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